Can pop-up shops help regenerate our High Streets?

Can pop-up shops help regenerate our High Streets?

Shops are struggling on the UK’s High Streets with footfall still well below pre-pandemic levels and many units lying empty. However, some believe online businesses appearing in pop-up shops can help to solve the problem. Read more about this story here.


How can Grand Tehcnix help?

We deliver mobile and custom-built modular LED screen solutions, offer short-term and long-term rental options, and specialise in transforming indoor and outdoor retail spaces.



Our innovative blox solution is built for swift deployment, to guarantee immediate activation in any public space — regardless of size. The blox construction offers full flexibility in arrangement and positioning, meaning you can link multiple units together, and even top them off with a large-format digital screen!

Blox is built for anything – whether it’s retail stores or food outlets, bars or coffee shops, ticket offices or merchandise!

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