New D6 Screens Launched at Rushden Lakes

New D6 Screens Launched at Rushden Lakes

Introducing a new network of Digital 6-sheet screens at Rushden Lakes.

Ten brand-new Digital 6-sheet advertising screens have been installed at Rushden Lakes, a revolutionary and next generation retail and leisure destination in Northamptonshire. Nestled beside 200 acres of the Nene Wetlands nature reserve and a stunning lake, Rushden Lakes hosts a variety of leading retail brands, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Recognised as a prime ‘big day out’ spot, Rushden Lakes attracts a diverse and engaged audience, enjoys high footfall, extended dwell times, and an average spend per visit exceeding national benchmarks.

The catchment area of Rushden Lakes spans across Northamptonshire and beyond, reaching into Milton Keynes, Cambridge, and Leicester, serving over 500,000 residents. This broad catchment area presents an outstanding opportunity for businesses to connect with a large customer base.

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